Our Class Constitution is Signed and Ready

In the first week of school, fourth graders started thinking about their hopes and dreams for the new school year. How will each of us find a way to bring our best self to this classroom? We’ve completed a beautiful paper Hopes and Dreams quilt that brings together the goals of everyone in our class.

After defining some hopes and dreams, our next major task was to brainstorm and choose rules for our classroom. These rules will help each of our individual hopes and dreams to be realized. Fourth graders did some serious thinking and positive collaboration in the second and third weeks of school until they finally voted to choose a final 4 rules that we can all agree to follow this year. Check our the Photos tab to see the LONG list of rules that students brainstormed, as well as their proposed final rules and completed Constitution.

We were proud of these rules and felt that they might even inspire other classes at LES. There will soon be a bulletin board display showing the process we went through to create them. Take a look at it, and at our Hopes and Dreams quilt the next time you’re near Room 118.

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