April 17, 2020

Happy Friday, Fourth Graders!

Owl alert! This one is on a vase that was made more than 2,400 years ago in ancient Greece! Can you believe it’s lasted so long? When we aren’t social distancing, you could visit this one at the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut, about 2 hours from here.

News and Updates:

  • There will be no remote learning on Monday because it’s Patriot’s Day here in Massachusetts. Take a minute to explore this link and find out why we celebrate Patriot’s Day.
  • Our Google Meet schedule will be Monday and Thursday afternoons at 2:00. Monday’s will be cancelled and I hope to see many familiar faces on Thursday!

Today’s learning activities are posted below and in Google Classroom. I hope you find some fun over the three-day weekend.

– Ms. Paglia Baker


Activities for FRIDAY

Our schedule for the week: Grade 4 Remote Learning Schedule – Week of 4_13_20

Directions for the Everyday Math game “Fishing for Digits”: Fishing for Digits

Two Lexia “Skill Builders” that you can choose instead of using Lexia online:

Instructions for building a “Seed Copter” to see how traveling seeds work:

A weekly reflection like what we do at school: Weekly Reflection_ April 17, 2020

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