April 24, 2020

Happy Friday, Fourth Graders!

I hope your week of remote learning has gone well so far. I know it probably looks different in each of your homes. By now I imagine that you have new routines and patterns at home. I still post the morning message to be published each morning at 8:30 because I imagine you rushing down the hall to come into our classroom at that time.

Today your writing assignment is to write me a letter or email. You can tell me anything you like, and I promise to write back. The assignment includes my mailing address. My email address is baker[at]leverettschool.org, or you can submit it through Google Classroom.

I miss you all, and look forward to hearing from you! I hope you find some fun this weekend!


Activities for FRIDAY

Schedule for this week: Grade 4 Remote Learning Schedule – Week of 4_20_20 (1)

The details and an optional graphic organizer for the letter-writing assignment: Letter Writing Assignment

The directions and record-sheet for “Subtraction Target Practice”:

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