Mountain Day

Fourth graders hiked with the sixth grade up Mount Holyoke at Skinner State Park. It was a beautiful day and an energizing hike!









U.S. Geography Jigsaw Activity

Fourth graders divided up into groups to learn about one of five themes: Regions, States, Capital Cities, Landforms, and Bodies of Water. After creating a map with two partners, they split up and taught the rest of their classmates about their theme.

Working on maps together

Teaching classmates about landforms.

October 4th Morse Hill Trip

We started out with some cooperative games on a chilly morning….

…then moved on to the low-ropes course in small groups.



Most dramatic was the “Flying Squirrel” portion of the high-ropes course, in which we hoisted one another as high as each person wanted to go–from several feet to high up in the treetops.



We closed the day with a reflection on what was fun and what was challenging.



Students participating in a recent PATHS lesson to help students cooperate productively in small groups. (PATHS is our social-emotional curriculum).









Small groups working on a U.S. Geography jigsaw project, where each labels and colors a map to teach their classmates about a different theme: regions, states, capitals, landforms, or bodies of water.




An especially quiet moment as students set timed reading goals to learn more about their own stamina for independent reading.


The LONG list of rules that fourth graders brainstormed for our classroom this year!

Working in four groups, students categorized the rules they’d brainstormed, then thought of broader rules that would stand for all the rules in each category. Then they voted to choose 4 final rules…

…which became our Class Constitution!