Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bonjour, Fourth Graders,

Here is today’s schedule. You’ll have a chance to read a short e-book about inventions. There are e-books in Google Classroom that you can print, or you can login to EPIC! and choose one of the invention books I’ve assigned there.

An important reminder: Our Meet this afternoon will be split in two smaller groups. Group A will meet from 2:00-2:20, and Group B will meet from 2:25-2:45. Your parents have received an email telling which group you’re in, and I’ve grouped you with friends and classmates who I think you’ll enjoy seeing.

You’ll join the Meet by logging into the main page of Google Classroom a few minutes before our start time. You’ll see a post there that includes a link to the Meet.

I look forward to seeing you this afternoon!

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